Header Clearances



The following is a list of headers that have worked with Steeroids. Steeroids are not limited to these headers by any means, but you can use them as a routing style reference for your own headers. It is the routing style that is important, not the name brand. You can look these up to see if yours have similar routing styles.


Small Block

Big Block

Walker Dynomax - No Problem

- Black Jack - No Problem

- Flotech 11106FLT or 31106 FLT – Dimple Required in Drivers Side

- Hooker 2456HKR or 2456-1HKR – No Problem

- Hooker 2134HKR or 2134-1HKR Super Comps – No Problem

- Hooker 2224, 2224-1 or 2234 Side Pipes- Dimple Required in Drivers Side

- Hedman long tube with a 4-2-1 collector SB – major dimple required


Stahl 2 1/8” fits – Fit with dimpling

- Stock Manifold – 454 No Problem

- Hedman 2” - Needs Dimple

- Hooker Side Pipes - No Problem

- Hooker Longboy’s need modification

- Hooker Supercomps - No Problem (even with a 572 ci tall deck!)


PLEASE NOTE: This reference picture was taken with older bracketry. Your system configuration may not look exactly like this in hardware or in angles of the U-Joint assembly shown.