C4 Corvette LSX conversion with a 4L60E



1984 Corvette L83 engine

We removed the old tired L83 power plant in preperation for the LS1. This beast must weigh over 600LBS. We used a F-body LS1because it was already available in the shop. I would recommend a 1997 thru 2004 C5 Corvette to save on the accessory bracket. A F-Body LS1 will not fit into a C4 without converting over to a C5 accessory bracket.

LSX adapter bracket (prototype)

Our LSX bracket for the C3 Corvette would not work for the C4 Corvette. The C4 bracket had to be thicker and moved 1/2" back from the C3 design. The extra thickness was necessary so the engine would sit a bit higher in the Corvette. The 1/2" drop back would allow the torque arm would still bolt up the the 4L60E tranny. The C4 adapter plate will be avalible soon.

LS1 installed.

We removed 200 LBS from the front of the 84 Vette with the installation of the LS1. We built this LS1 to around 425HP at the rear wheels. Since we did this conversion, the tranny is toast. We are currenly replacing it with a 2006 T56. This LS1 looks different because we replaced the LS1 plenum with an LS2 Plenum.

The A/C / Header box.

One half of the heater box will need to be removed to get the LS engine into the C4 Vette. I beleive a 1990 ZR1 header box will fit.

4L60 tailshaft adapter

If you plane on using the 4L60E tranny you will need to use the adapter to attach the origional RD700R4 tailshaft. This will allow the torque arm tobe reconnected. The Adaper is manufactured by Advance Adapters pn-50-0405E. you won't need the reluctor ring . You will need the VSS Sensor from an 96 Corvette. It will mount into the TH700R4 tailshaft. The old 700 VSS tranducer will not work.




4L60E without the tailshaft.

4L60E without the tailshaft.

4L60E tailshaft is removed and ready for the adapter.

Looking at the reluctor ring through the VSS hole.

The RD700R4 tailshaft will need a little material to be removed so the reluctor ring will not come in contact.

4L60E installed with the adapter and 700 tailshaft.